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something my 10th grade history teacher told me about how he knew he wanted to marry his wife  (via milkfroth)

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Only be with someone who you think you can learn from. They should be smarter than you in certain ways so that you can continue to grow and be interested. Above all, you should undoubtedly be proud that you are with them.

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I write differently from what I speak, I speak differently from what I think, I think differently from the way I ought to think, and so it all proceeds into deepest darkness.

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All I wanted was answers. Just some goddamn answers


Could really go for an intense make out session right now with wandering hands and heavy breathing and teasing and grinding and biting, that quickly turns into amazing sex with hair pulling and spanking and a hand around my neck and scratching and roughness and moaning and fuuck

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Relax your thighs, surrender to my authority, I will rule your body and torture it with love.. Just lay down close your eyes, try to catch your breath and moan baby, scream and moan all together at once, taste my name while I drink you up..

louis pls

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i just want to feel okay in the god damn skin i live in
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